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Visual Artist & Photographer


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Enhance your living space or workplace with the acquisition of an original painting, designed to infuse your surroundings with its captivating energy.

Prices are variable, contingent upon the canvas size and the specific material used for each painting. Each painting is meticulously crafted with love, using premium materials, dyes, and high-quality canvases, ensuring a long-lasting piece of art.


Shipping costs will apply unless you have the opportunity to visit my studio in Espoo, Finland, where you can personally explore both the artworks and the workspace.

For inquiries related to shipping, payment methods, material options, or any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Upon request, I can provide you with a comprehensive video showcasing the painting.


Welcome to explore my online store. I have gathered all currently available paintings on this page. Most of the paintings can be easily shipped rolled up.

Paintings purchased from the online store can be shipped within Finland. If you reside outside of Finland, send me a message, and we can arrange shipping for you before purchasing the painting.


If you don't find the painting meant for you here, send me a message, and let's discuss your situation and preferences – I am happy to take custom orders as well.


It would be wonderful to connect with you, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or thoughts regarding the paintings.

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Do you have a festival or another event approaching? Enhance your occasion with a live painting performance.

Marianne Valonlehto specializes in conducting live painting sessions at events, ranging from intimate gatherings to large festivals. The live painting special begins with a brief initial meditation, followed by a live painting session on a large-scale canvas. Marianne also utilizes her hands for painting during this session.


This live painting special is well-suited for venues where attendees come and go, allowing them to observe the performance for a duration of their choosing. It can seamlessly complement a stage performance alongside musical acts, for example. Furthermore, customization is possible to tailor this live painting special precisely to your event's requirements.


I'm excited to bring an artistic touch to your event!

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Shipping from the online store is only available within Finland, but shipping outside Finland is possible by arrangement


Most of my paintings are unframed and not attached to stretcher bars. This allows for easy shipping and handling of the painting. I carefully pack the painting in Glassine Art protective paper, along with necessary cushioning, and ship it to you in a sturdy mailing tube. Shipping the painting in the mailing tube is free.

Please note that an unstretched painting should be stretched onto stretcher bars before hanging on the wall. If you wish, I can assist you with these matters and, if needed, help you order the appropriate-sized stretcher bars for your painting.

Paintings on stretcher bars are shipped as a package via Matkahuolto, with a cost of 29.90 € + careful handling service 9.90 €. It is also possible to deliver the painting directly to your doorstep at an additional cost of 13.90 €.

You are always welcome to view the painting at my studio in Espoo.



You can take your time to explore your painting – I want you to be completely satisfied. After receiving the package, you have 14 days to consider the situation. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied (no need to provide a reason), you can always return the painting. The painting must be in perfect saleable condition and in the same condition as you received it. The returned painting should be packed in the same way and using the same packaging materials as you received it.

If you want to return the painting within 14 days, please inform me as soon as possible and before shipping the painting.

In the case of a return, the shipping cost will be your responsibility. The return cost for a painting shipped in a roll depends on the size and ranges from approximately 8.90 € to 18.90 €. The return cost for a painting on stretcher bars is 29.90 € + careful handling service 9.90 €. This is the cost of Matkahuolto's "Taulu" package service. You can also return the painting to my studio in Espoo at no cost.

All issues can be resolved, and we can surely find a good solution together if any problems arise. I want you to be 100% satisfied with your new painting 🤍



My heart leaps every time a painting finds its home.

Each painting is created with love and care down to the smallest details. I use only high-quality acrylic and watercolor paints, ensuring rich pigments and long-lasting color tones. I work on high-quality painting canvas, and any stretcher bars are carefully selected and of premium quality.


I hold nature and environmental consciousness close to my heart, striving to incorporate these values into all my work. I complete all my paintings, using all the paint I take, to minimize excess paint waste. I also aim to use shipping and packaging materials in an environmentally conscious manner, preferring ecological and sustainable materials in line with the principles of sustainable development.

For any further questions, please send me a message.


Marianne Valonlehto's art studio is based in Espoo Finland

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Here you can view all available paintings. If the painting you are interested in has already been sold, you can always request a commissioned work. Shipping from the online store is only available within Finland, but shipping outside Finland is possible by arrangement.

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