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Visual Artist & Photographer


In the initial installment of the 'My Nature' series, a harmonious fusion of inner imaginative realms and a profound reconnection with nature unfolds. Within this series, I have embarked on a deep exploration of our intricate relationship with the natural world, spanning not only the external landscapes of forests and wildlife but also our inner essences. Throughout this artistic journey, my primary focus has revolved around meditation upon the inner imaginative landscapes of nature, the mesmerizing cycles of the four seasons, and the poignant life events intertwined with these transitions.

Nature, with its enchanting sounds and melodies, has played an integral role in shaping my creative process. As I crafted these paintings, I immersed myself in the meditative symphony of nature's whispers, the soothing resonance of Indian mantras, the transcendent cadence of Tibetan chanting, and the soul-stirring vibrations of Mongolian throat singing. 


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