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Soul Landscapes – Inspired by Nature

I invite you to a place of silence, where inner worlds and a connection to nature intertwine into a multidimensional dance of harmony. The 'Soul Landscapes – Inspired by Nature' collection is primarily a tribute to nature. On a secondary level, it also reflects an inner journey of exploration and a return to the connection with nature – a return to that inherent pulsation in the core of each soul. Nature represents our inner true essence and the multidimensional force governing the harmony of this life. It encloses within its circle the wisdom-pulsating forest and plant world, along with all living beings at this frequency of experience.

This journey of exploration and the creative process have emerged from silence – from an empty, meditative space. At the center of this space is the exploration of the relationship with nature and a deeper understanding of it. Inner worlds and journeys, the cycles of nature and its inherent cyclicity, various rites of passage in life, and the humble yet passionate curiosity about the fundamental nature of nature have given birth to this journey of exploration.


As part of this path of understanding, the experiences of fellow travelers in nature, the insights of contemplative individuals on the connection with nature, as well as various methods of restoring and nurturing that connection, have been embraced. The realization of this journey and the painting process has also been accompanied by meditative sounds of nature and carefully selected music that awakens the inner experiential state. Indian mantras, Tibetan chants, Indigenous South American music, and Mongolian throat singing have provided the rhythm for this painting journey into the depths of mysteries.

These paintings have emerged from silence, from an empty space, guided by ritualistic and nature-respecting preparation. Each painting has drawn inspiration from the heart of the forest, in the poetic and diverse silence of nature. Before the creation of each painting, the workspace has been thoroughly cleansed. Thoughtfully arranged candles have created the right atmosphere, and ceremonial cacao, as a heart-opening inspiration, has added a mysterious dimension to this painting process, unfolding in the captivating poetry of the paintings' form language.

The paintings of the 'Soul Landscapes – Inspired by Nature' collection have been created with careful meditative work and love since 2019. This painting series includes approximately 70 large-scale works, most of which have been painted on canvas with acrylic paints using bare hands, except for small details. Welcome to experience and remember your own inner nature.


Marianne Valonlehto's art studio is based in Espoo Finland

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Here you can view all available paintings. If the painting you are interested in has already been sold, you can always request a commissioned work. Shipping from the online store is only available within Finland, but shipping outside Finland is possible by arrangement.

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