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Surround yourself with beauty and harmony: and create more beauty wherever you go

Valonlehto is a combination of two Finnish words valo and lehto. Valo means light and lehto is defined to describe a type of Finnish forest, where the variety of species is lush and it's rich in wildlife.

Words from the artist:

"I live in a city near the capital. Luckily Finland is a small not so populated country, where you can enjoy clean forests and a feeling of space around you. For me it's important to be able to breathe fresh air and relax my mind in nature – in nature, which is in its essence at the same time so perfect and harmonically so imperfect. I deeply enjoy the delicate sound of the wind, when it's moving trees and leaves quietly. Beauty and harmony are nourishing my soul, so I want to go to the forest whenever possible.

Still at the same time, my life is busy and hectic. The everyday stress with the work and exhaustion from the demanding city life. I wish to find a balance for all this and I want to deepen my relationship with nature. With nature, I mean our beautiful forests and wildlife, but also nature, the true inner essences in us. The essence of being alive – the essence of my own nature. These art projects My Nature and Inner Temple are representations of this exploration, where the inner imaginational worlds and reconnection to nature are coming together. Honoring the forests and wildlife is in the very focus of my work. My dearest hope is that someday the harmony between humans and nature is blooming again."


Before I start a painting session I clean up my space and meditate. Very often I prepare cacao and light up candles. In the beginning of a session I meditate for all the beautiful and healing energies to inspire my work.

I paint mainly by my bare hands because I like the feeling of touching the colors and the canvas. Though I finish the details with brushes and with all the possible tools. I don’t limit my tools only to traditional painting tools, as I like to explore new ways to move colors on a canvas.

My paintings are on average one meter by one meter in size. I mainly use acrylic and aquarelle color paints. All my paintings have been made with love and high quality materials, meaning that the canvas and the colors that I use are high in quality and rich in pigments. I stretch the canvases by myself and I use only high quality canvas stretcher bars.

"As an artist my aim is to bring more beauty and harmony to this world. I hope my art will be inspiring, opening and healing. My wish is that it will make you feel good and connected. I think that what our world needs right now, is more of a real open-hearted connection."

Marianne Valonlehto is a Finnish visual artist and a photographer. Besides arts she has been studying yoga and different kinds of meditation techniques for over 18 years. She has been exploring ancient traditions from India, Tibet and Peru. To get a deeper understanding to these traditions, she has been periodically living in India and in Peru. In addition to these topics she has been studying the ancient natural wisdoms from the northern European countries.


By profession Valonlehto has studied visual arts and communication at the Lahti institute of Design. Her art studio is based in Finland. Valonlehto is a member of Suomen Taiteilijat ry, HIAA Helsinki International Artists' Association and The Union of Finnish Art Associations.


Marianne Valonlehto's art studio is based in Espoo Finland

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