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Original Artwork


Surround yourself with beauty and harmony: and create more beauty wherever you go

Valonlehto is derived from two Finnish words: 'valo,' meaning light, and 'lehto,' a term that characterizes a forest teeming with a rich tapestry of plant life and vibrant flora.

Journey into the Heart of Nature and Artistic Expression

“I reside in a city near the capital. Fortunately, Finland, being a small and sparsely populated country, offers the blessing of clean forests and a sense of expansive surroundings. To me, it's essential to inhale the freshness of the air and unwind my mind in nature. The delicate rustle of the wind softly caressing trees and leaves brings me profound joy. Beauty and harmony act as a nurturing balm for my soul, compelling me to find solace in the embrace of the forest whenever the opportunity arises.

In my pursuit of balance and a deeper connection with nature, I seek not only the whispers of our forests and wildlife but also a synchronization with the true inner essences within us – the essence of being alive and the core of my own nature. The 'Soul Landscapes – Inspired by Nature' art collection serve as manifestations of this exploration, where inner worlds and reconnection to nature seamlessly converge. Honoring the forests and wildlife takes center stage in my work. My deepest hope is for the harmonious relationship between humans and nature to bloom once more.”


Before each painting session, I take the time to clean up my space and engage in meditation. Consistently, I prepare a cup of ceremonial cacao and light candles to awaken the right inner experiential state. In the initial moments of the session, I meditate, inviting beautiful and healing energies to inspire my work.

I prefer the tactile experience of painting with my bare hands, allowing me to intimately connect with the colors and canvas. However, when it comes to finishing details, I use brushes and various tools. My approach extends beyond traditional painting tools, as I enjoy exploring innovative methods to express colors on the canvas.

Typically, my paintings are one meter by one meter in size, primarily using acrylic and aquarelle color paints. Each piece is created with love, employing high-quality materials, including premium canvases and rich pigments. I personally stretch the canvases, utilizing only high-quality stretcher bars.